It's My Birthday!!!

Yep. It's ma burfday today :D

I have reached the grand old age of 24!

Life as a 23 year old has been... ok.


  • Spent my 23rd birthday in France, Grenoble to be more precise. Had a really lovely time visiting my friend there.
  • Started volunteering at a local primary school and eventually got offered a paid position, which I started 3 weeks ago. Got my foot in the door.
  • Got inspired and started a British sign language course and have just completed my NVQ Level 1, and I'm continuing onto the Level 2 qualification. I'm having so much fun learning it, and have met some great people through it.
  • Have rediscovered my love for reading thanks to my Kindle and doing this blog :)
  • Tried, and failed, to get onto a PGCE teaching course to start in September. Back to square one...
  • Have been working 3 jobs (paid or otherwise) all year. Busy busy busy! I haven't had a proper weekend in months. Can't wait for the 2-week holiday I'll be having at the end of May. 
Well, looking back, the highlights are outnumbering the lowlights, which is encouraging. I'm really looking forward to life as a 24 year old. Got lots of plans in the pipeline, so BRING IT ON!

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