Special Review: A Very Potter Senior Year by Team Starkid

If you are unaware of Team Starkid and their Harry Potter parody musicals, then I suggest, nay, urge you to take your good self over to YouTube and sort that out.

Last night, there was a moment. A moment we, as a fandom, had been looking for forever. The premiere of A Very Potter Senior Year. The third and final musical adventure for Harry Potter and his friends. Here is my rambly review-esque thing.

And it was totally awesome. 10/10

This version of AVPSY that Starkid present us with is not a polished production, like their other works, but a staged reading. Basically, it is the show as it would essentially be but the actors are holding their scripts, and stuff may (did) go wrong.

But to be honest, in true Starkid style, this only adds to the charm of their shows. Every person that takes part in their shows does it because they love it, and they are all friends together, and it just shines through.

In fact, the lack of rehearsed-ness, I think either made the moment funnier or more emotional. One of the funniest moments is when Moaning Myrtle (Chris Allen) has to leave stage. Myrtle is supposed to be dead (this is a flashback scene) and while s/he is dragged off s/he loses her hair and helps herself off stage. We, the audience, are dying with laughing as are the other actors on stage. Comedy gold. And on the other side, when Harry (Darren Criss) says goodbye to Hogwarts (and Criss, to Harry), his voice cracks and I cry with him.

Starkid are brilliant at creating shows that are not just trying to get big laughs. They're fans like the rest of us, and lovingly poke holes in the plot and bring emotional heart to, what is quite frankly, a ridiculous plot of their own. I also loved the little references to the previous shows. Starkid are nothing if not able to make fun of themselves.

As it is the last Potter musical Starkid have said they will do, it was like a last hurrah. While there were some new, brilliant characters like Gilderoy Lockhart (AJ Holmes) and Hagrid (Brian Holden), beloved old characters made at least brief appearances, like Snape (Joe Moses) and Cedric Diggory (Tyler Brunsman). It's like seeing old friends after a long time apart.

The music was, as usual, great. The new songs were catchy, while the old favourites were brought back and adapted to the story. Seeing the cast sing Get Back to Hogwarts is just so heartwarming... if you don't think so, I'm not sure we can be friends ;).

Starkid have done what we all wished we might have done with this thing that we all love: made something amazing with their friends. And the best part is, is they shared it with us! The members of Starkid are just one of us. They are fanboys and girls who got lucky. But we are also lucky that they got lucky. If that makes sense! I can't imagine the Harry Potter fandom now without Starkid. I can't even watch/read Harry Potter without referencing AVPM.

One of the songs is called 'Everything Ends' and while this might feel like the end, I'm pretty sure it's not. The last Harry Potter book came out nearly 6 years ago! And the last film nearly 2 years ago! But we are still here. And thanks to stuff like AVPSY, it is still going.

Thanks Starkid, it has been and always will be totally awesome. I can't wait to see what you all do next.

4 comments on "Special Review: A Very Potter Senior Year by Team Starkid"

  1. Gotta disagree with you there. The first one was awesome, the sequel was freaking perfect (Umbridge blew Voldemort out of the water as my favorite villain)! I was practically salivating in excitement to see AVPSY. Maybe my expectations were too high, but except for Draco Malfoy and 1 or 2 Lockhart scenes, I didn't find myself laughing that much. The most hilarious characters were all dead or MIA, which basically left only the kids to play off each other. Harry and Ginny were annoying as hell, Hermoine was missing for much of the first act, which meant Ron's performance suffered as well, since his best is usually playing off of Harry and Hermoine. In a role-reversal Ron practically became the straightman to Harry's whining/selfish character for much of the musical. Even Voldemort as Tom Riddle seemed kinda "meh" until the very end. Frankly, I thought this was the weakest one of the trilogy.

    1. Fair enough. I would perhaps concede that this is not necessarily the best one of the three, but I stand by my point that it is a fitting end to this... era (for lack of better word). It is like any sequel or final part to a series, where not everyone is going to be happy with the result because it is impossible to please everyone! And it is interesting to see an opposing opinion...

      Also, this review was written while I was still riding the high of watching a new Starkid HP musical. I imagine my review now, after a few days of letting it sink in would be a little different.

      But thanks for the comment!

  2. I myself think this was one of the best. It was the only one that actually evoked emotions in me. They did a great job (considering the amount of time that they were given to practice). The singing was much improved, and the new characters ALMOST made up for the loss of characters like lupin and snape.
    The parts that outlined the past of tom riddle made me understand why he turned evil. And his little tom riddle voice was actually adorable.
    gilderoy was excellent, especially in, like you said, his monologues. nick and matt lang did a great job with the script.
    my fave song was definitely everything ends, though always dance and sidekick came in a close second.
    i LOVED this, and it was the perfect ending.
    BUT THE 'ERA' IS NOT OVER YET!!! like jk rowling said, hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, and so will the very potter musicals.

    1. Yep, it definitely evoked emotions, namely gross sobbing! Watching them all not keep it together in the Goodbye scene killed me!

      Having watched it a second time, I don't think the music in this one is quite as good as the first two. I think Darren's talent for writing musical theatre songs is the best in Starkid, so I think that was missing. But I agree, Everything Ends was the best.

      And no, it'll never be over but still, it feels like the end of something... :(