Lifescouts: Animals

February on Lifescouts has been Animal month. So here are my memories/experiences that go with the badges.

Swimming with Dolphins
When I was about 10, my mum and dad in an amazing feat of sneakery took me and my sister to Florida for 2 weeks. As in, we had no idea until the night before that we were even going. Yeah... neither of us got a whole lot of sleep that night. Anyway, when we went to Seaworld Orlando, I got to swim with the dolphins! At the time, they were my favourite animal so I was ecstatic. We got to hold on to their dorsal fin and be dragged along and feed them and all sorts. I think we also got to make them do some tricks. It was amazing. And to top it off, I swam with the dolphin was named Dixie, which is the name of my school!
Snake Holding Badge
I have held a snake a grand total of once, and it was when I attended the Summer Ball at my university in 2009. Summer Balls at university literally took over the whole campus. There was a mini fairground in one of the car parks and some sort of 'big' name in the Sports Hall... I can't even remember who performed. Was it Chesney Hawkes (of "I'm am the one and only!" fame) that year? Possibly. Anyway, in the middle of campus there were some people carrying snakes. You could go up to them and hold the snakes. Considering the clamour of drunk students, these snakes were very tame, and seemed quite unfazed by the whole ordeal.

Pet-Owning Badge
My family and I have owned a few pets through the years. We've had a few goldfish, the last two were called Coddy and Chips.

We had a guinea pig, called Jumbo. He was black with a strip of orange on one shoulder. He was lovely, we even managed to potty-train him in a fashion. Basically, Jumbo wouldn't wee on you. He would start to squirm and we'd put him on the floor and then he would wee. Well... it was better than being weed on. I should stop saying wee.

The last one on the list is Dobby. No, not a house elf (S.P.E.W supporter ;) ), but a West Highland White Terrier. He can be a grumpy old git, but the adorableness factor makes up for it. I mean look at that face...

Badges from this month that I'd like to gain/fulfill in the future:

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  1. There needs to be an "I've held an baby alligator" badge :)