Back-Up Plan Engage!

Life sucks sometimes.

I had an interview to get onto a PGCE teaching course on Friday, down in Southampton. I thought it had gone ok, because I've got tons of experience in schools, thought I answered all the questions ok and I had all the stuff I needed.


Apparently, that is not enough. And I didn't get in.


Life goes on.

On the bright side, I do have a back-up plan involving sign language, which I'm learning at the moment. Which may still lead to working in school at the very least.

Keeping positive!

But boo hiss.

2 comments on "Back-Up Plan Engage!"

  1. Sorry you didn't get in. :(

    Stay positive though! There is something better around the corner :)

    1. Thanks... all things considered I am feeling quite positive actually. I was already debating whether teaching was right for me so in a way... this has made the decision for me!

      Onwards and upwards!

      Thanks for stopping by :)