An Olympian Day Out

In a spontaneous turn of events, I came home from work on Sunday and found out we were going to the Olympics the next day! Specifically, we were going to see the Men's Team Gymnastics final. Team GB had a team in the final and we would see the medal ceremony too. Ahhh! Exciting!

We left Nuneaton at 10am on the train, and got in to London Euston just before midday. And yes, the train station was busy. Police dotted about and just people everywhere. Off to the Tube. As we had only bought the tickets the day before, we went straight to the venue (the North Greenwich Arena, AKA the O2 Arena, AKA the Millenium Dome) to pick up the tickets and make sure we had plenty of time before the 4.30pm session start.

Got there and got the tickets in loads of time to spare. Kudos to Transport of London and the London 2012 people, because everything was running smoothly and calmly with info and directions freely available.

After some food, we went and got some merchandise and then made our way into the arena. And we had amazing seats! We were right next to the high bar.

Only five rows back from the front! Also there's my mum photobombing...
There was a sort of energy buzzing around the arena, as everyone trickled in. Everyone was anticipating an exciting afternoon ahead.

Team GB over by the pommel horse
About half an hour before the gymnasts came in, we got treated to a sort of warm-up act: Pixie Lott! We had literally no idea that was going to happen, another bonus. She came out and sang Use Sombody by Kings of Leon and then one of her own songs.

The main event was the highlight. Obviously. The atmosphere was electric, and every Team GB performance was met with a roar of approval from the crowd.

Britain on the parallel bars
We couldn't really see Team GB too well from where we were sitting at the start but with all the other teams on the other apparatus, there was plenty to look at. In fact, too much! I didn't know where to look, and sometimes I was clapping for... well, I don't know what!

But in the end, not being able to see them at the start, worked to our advantage, because the end of the competition was so exciting. Going into the last event (for Team GB, the floor), Team GB was in contention for a medal: silver or bronze, the first time in, I think, 80 years of British gymnastics history.

Watching Team GB doing their floor routines, well, I couldn't have told you what even Team USA was doing on the high bar right in front of me! Max Whitlock and Daniel Purvis both had really good scores for their routines, but Kristian Thomas absolutely nailed his. And the noise as he finished was amazing, especially as he egged the crowd on.

After his score was released, the roof was blown off the arena, I swear. Team GB had won the silver medal! It was so exciting, I can't describe it.

But unfortunately, Japan appealed and won, getting an increased score for something (can't say I really know what was going on. Perhaps the only disadvantage from watching the telly coverage was the lack of commentary and therefore explanation) so Team GB was demoted to bronze. Massive boos erupted across the arena...

Anyway. We still won a medal, and we had got to see it happen live :D And the ceremony was pretty cool to witness in person.
Blurry pic of the medal cermony. Britain is on the left

Other than the main event, there were some other exciting happenings.

Photographic evidence of Chelsea Handler's presence.
1. Chelsea Handler off of American telly was sitting in the seat literally in front of me. Didn't really notice it was her until the end, but when Megan and I saw her face, we both turned to each other and mouthed "That's Chelsea Lately!!!" In the first photo above you can also see the back of her head between Megan and me.
Delta Goodrem on the Tube

2. Prince William and Prince Harry were there, in the crowd. Unfortunately we couldn't see them from where we were. Apparently they were on the opposite side of the stadium. Megan was beside herself when she found out.

3. We saw Delta Goodrem off of Neighbours (also went out with Nick Jonas, and sings a bit) on the Tube.

I have been to London many times and have never seen a celebrity randomly on the Tube, or out and about. And now I've seen two! You wait for one bus and three come at once...

Well, anyway. We had the most amazing day, one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I'm glad I didn't let pass me by. Yay! For London 2012!

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