My LeakyCon London 2013 Experience

And boy, was it an experience!!!

I can honestly say I don't think I've been to something that just makes you feel like you belong.

I know that sounds sappy and OTT but the thing is, it didn't matter who you ended up talking to, but it felt like I'd known them my whole life. Everyone there had that common interest and everything else? Well, it didn't make one bit of difference what our other interests were.

Also, LeakyCon (and other conventions too!) are amazing spaces to work out what something like Harry Potter means to you. That can be through scream-singing Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts with 1500 other people or discussing law and medicine in the Wizarding World with 40 opinionated people.
Basically, LeakyCon is like being in a world of like-minded people where everything is amazing. And I could quite happily live there forever.
But anyway... instead of rhapsodising endlessly about what happened at LeakyCon, conveniently my sister vlogged about it! It'll be much more interesting for you to watch it right?

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 (Bonus Hank Green!!!)

As Megan didn't come to the second Wizard Rock show on the Friday, here is a LeakyCon video of that epic night:

And last but not least... Day 4

Since going to LeakyCon and actually getting around to posting this, I also went to Summer In The City, a YouTube gathering/convention in London. My sister also has vlogged about that, so if you subscribe (shameless promotion) you can check out how that went when it gets uploaded!

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