A Little Bit of Serendipity

Yesterday (Tuesday), I went to see Les Mis with my family. If you're from the US reading this, you might think "Hannah waited a long time to see that." But if you're from my neck of the woods (aka the UK), you may be thinking, "How, Hannah, have you seen Les Mis?? It's not even out yet here!"

Well, you'd be right, it's not out over here until Friday, but through a fortunate turn of events, we got to see it early!

I was looking up cinema times for Les Mis for the weekend, when I saw that there was a showing at 7pm on Tuesday. Brilliant. I figured it must be some sort of preview screening... After a bit of faffing, sorting out if my dad would be able to meet us in Leicester after work and stuff, I went on and booked four seats. Done.

We arrive at the cinema with a few minutes to spare, and a guy at the bottom of the escalator ushers up, telling us it's in Screen 4. Thanks very much. Up we go.

We walk over to, what we think must be the queue into the screen, when a lady asks us what film we are there to see. Les Mis, four of us, please.


"There has been a mistake."


"Not to worry! You'll still see your film. It's just that it wasn't supposed to be available to book on the website. Entirely our fault. In fact, we're going to give you your money back, and you have reserved seats in the theatre."

"Ooookay." There must be a catch.

But there was no catch! The cinema had made a mistake of putting a Daily Mail screening of Les Mis up on their website, available to book, which a few people had managed to catch like us, but they felt it was unfair to let us pay for our tickets when others were seeing it for free. AND we got, like, perfect seats!

Win-win all around if you ask me.

As for the film itself, it was great. My review is here.

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