One Year On

It has been exactly one year since I graduated.

Yup. I know. I graduated on the same day as the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

That first week of July 2011 was a really exciting week all round to be honest.

On the 5th, Megan (my sister) and I went to see Darren Criss in one of four live shows he did in London after the end of the Glee Live Tour.

Yep, we were quite excited...
Joe Walker and Darren Criss. Look how close we were!
I also got to meet Liz for the first time, who is my fellow Darren lover, and we've been obsessing together ever since.

Then on the 7th July, it was my graduation, i.e. this happened:

Shiny red face because it was boiling where we had the photos done.
As this was the same day as the Harry Potter premiere, it meant we couldn't go down to Trafalgar Square and get a last chance to experience this phenomenon the first time round. Megan was not impressed when I informed her that my graduation clashed...

Anyway, graduation was pretty cool, one of those moments that you'll always remember. A moment for everyone to recognise what you achieved.

But perhaps the most amusing thing from that day is the procession at the end of the graduation ceremony. We, as newly-minted graduates, got to walk out to, I shit you not, this: 

Which is to say, we walked out to The Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík. I am still wondering if they were expecting us to do cartwheels and juggle down the aisle...

At the time, I said that graduating on the same day as the last Harry Potter premiere was like the official end of my childhood. The first book came out when I was 8, the first film came out the same year I moved up to secondary school, and then I graduated as it all finished...

And to be honest, I was probably right.

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