Jubilee Shenanigans

As I'm watching the Jubilee Concert, I thought I'd recap what occurs in Britain when it's Jubilee time.

  1. Everywhere you go, there are union flags. Everywhere. Honestly, I have seen every kind of item splashed with the Union Jack in the last month or so. 
  2. It becomes an excuse to have a party or shindig. Which may or may not include cucumber sandwiches and tea.
  3. We see more of the Queen than at any other time, ever.
  4. It's made everyone forget about the European Football Championships that start next week. Which, considering it is the national sport, is quite an achievement!
So far, we've had a special Derby day of horse-racing at Epsom, a flotilla of 1000 boats down the River Thames, a massive concert in front of Buckingham Palace, and tomorrow there will be a procession followed by a service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral. 

It's brought the whole country together in celebration, and thankfully there has been no chat about whether we should or shouldn't have a monarchy at all. We have just been celebrating what is undoubtably an extraordinary life's work.

Our little nod to Queen Elizabeth's 60 years was an afternoon tea:
The Victoria Sponge with some gratuitous Instagram 'magic'
Jam tarts, pork pies, finger sandwiches (not here yet)... what more could you want?
Well, this is my nod to her Majesty.

Congratulations on a great 60 years on the throne, here's to the rest!

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