Everybody Apparently Knows How To Play Football

If you are European and don't live in a cave, you'll be aware that it is the European Football Championship, henceforth known as Euro 2012. If you're not European... well, now you know.

It's a pretty big deal in Europe. One below the World Cup. Euro 2012 occurs every fours years, or two years after the World Cup.

Anyway, if you were to watch the people watching these matches, you would notice a couple of things:
  • Apparently the referee knows nothing. Unless it goes in your chosen team's favour, and suddenly said ref can do no wrong.
  • Everybody, regardless of experience or lack thereof, suddenly thinks they know how what's going on.
  • Lots of people, who previously could give a monkey's left elbow, become intensely interested in the outcome of matches.
I don't exempt myself from this either. Though I still, despite many explanations, don't get that stupid-ass Offside Rule. Something about something in front of the thingy, but possibly behind the whatsit... 

Also, in my experience, this is not limited to the "Beautiful Game". I don't play tennis, but I suddenly become an expert on the subject when Wimbledon is on. I can bluff knowledge on rugby whenever the Six Nations is on.  This summer, at London 2012, people will declare with misplaced authority who they think will win gold at whatever sport, despite having no interest or knowledge in said sport before.

I just think it's funny.

Having said all that, if Ireland manage to beat Spain (the World Cup holders) it'll be a miracle.

1 comment on "Everybody Apparently Knows How To Play Football"

  1. Honestly I was very upset for Ireland today. Even though they're not my NT.
    Also I thought you were a tumblr football fan (until I read the part about Offsides).
    Anyway, Ireland just aren't fast enough for Spain and aren't at that level yet where they can stand a chance against Germany, Denmark, etc. (With the exception of their amazing goalkeeper, of course!)