Mini Review Type Thingy: Becoming YouTube

The last episode of this series by ninebrassmonkeys came out last night delving into what makes YouTube, well, Youtube. Here's the trailer.

I have loved this series, partly because it helped me discover so many YouTubers but also because it is like proper telly. As in half hour episodes that you can really get into. In the past, TV has looked at the internet and tried to understand it. When BY looks into YouTube, and even the internet as a whole, it’s great because it gets the internet. It’s irreverent but thought provoking, and nerdy to the extreme.

Also Ben Cook (/ninebrassmonkeys) is really funny and so insightful. I met him at SitC ‘13 and he is the nicest guy, despite all video evidence to the contrary. I asked him a question and gave me a proper in depth answer even though there was a massive queue of people waiting to meet him. Huge respect for him.

The last episode really cracked me up at several moments. There was a huge reference to Harry Potter, which included Jack and Finn (/jacksgap) in it. Loved it. Nerd heaven… literally. It mainly talked about change. As always, very interesting. Especially as the interviews are all from a few years ago, and lots of the most controversial changes (G+, I'm looking at you) hadn't happened.

There was a hint at a second series of BY coming in the summer and I am so excited for it! So glad it’s coming back. If only to see how YouTubers' opinions have changed since S1.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in YouTube or internet community, you should definitely watch it.

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