Taking the Coast Road through Life

Confession: I have coasted through my life up to this point.

I am under no illusion that I have had to work very hard to get what I have in life. I coasted through school, doing just enough to get where I wanted/needed to go. My family are (on the outside looking in anyway) well-off, I don't want for anything. I have my own car, that I can afford to run. I've traveled quite extensively. I have an iPhone and a Macbook. I have savings.

I have means to do things. Nothing is stopping me...

So why can't I coast through this next stage of life??

I am at the proverbial fork in the road. I could do anything. But I feel like I can't.

It's like there are some roadworks that need to be done before I can move forwards, but what roadworks are needed?

Friends, family, Joe Bloggs on the streets offer me advice frequently on what I could or should do next and I appreciate that it's all just to try and help me. But I still honestly don't know what to do.

Should I go back to university? Do the PGCE thing and become a teacher? Or look into doing a Masters, possibly even abroad?

Should I bite the bullet and go and live abroad for a bit and do whatever? Just for the hell of it. And because I keep saying I want to and I will.

Maybe I should just move out and break out on my own either way.

All I know is that if I don't do something definitive soon, I'll get stuck in a rut that I can't escape.

I should just admit that getting a fucking 2:2 in my degree has affected my confidence in a way that didn't seem obvious (to me, at least) at the time. I feel like people will just dismiss me on face value when I apply for a grad-level job.

I know I'm better than a 2:2 degree. I bloody know it. But how the hell do I show that to someone who only sees the paper version of me?

Real Life sucks. I want a reboot.

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